Justification for massive froggification

It's difficult to explain to humans how the world is seen by the frog, but an image is worth a thousand words… and it's part of the long-term froggification conspiracy. Lets hop for the best!
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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Surprise! An update.

From Discovery News: "Just as humans tune into their favourite radio station, an unusual frog from China (The Concave-eared Torrent Frog) can shift its hearing from one frequency to another in order to selectively choose what it hears."
This is my actual state, so if I pay low attention to my own blogs, you know where it comes from.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Surrender to your inner frog

You! Yes, you! Be smart, turn into a frog! Let the froggification begin. Red-eyed tree frogs are smart since tadpoles: Millions of eggs hang from the trees, when a snake gets close to the mass of embryos, they can react to perils inside their eggs… and out! Even within their shelters, they're learning about eating and being eaten. They have a "panic-hatch" to leave the egg when endangered. Plus, when embryos can't find enough air, they manage to move towards it. Sophisticated frogs.

Researchers have been very surprised by this adaptation ability. They say the frog embryos are not guiding themselves by instinct but actually learning, because they notice a change of behaviour after experiencing something that motivates it, and that's the definition of learning. They define tree frogs as "talented" in comparison with other species. The other species on which this kind of prenatal learning has been detected in lower levels are humans, rats, sheep, rabbits, some birds, reptiles, other amphibians like the salamanders, and even some invertebrates. Tree-frog embryos can learn visually too, because their outer membrane of the egg is clear enough to allow them to take a peek at the environment.
Perhaps the most important to you, reader, my future froggified grown-up monkey, is that the tree-frog embryos that were exposed to salamander scent (a predator) learnt a lesson on when to be careful, as much as when not to panic, in comparison with the ones that were not exposed as embryos to the scent of their predators. Meaning to you, hairy ones, that the tree-frogs show you how the more you experience danger, the more prepared and cooler you are in front of your challenges.
So all of you, almost dear, two-legged under-evolved beings, should consider to peacefully surrender to our froggification plan. Listen to your froguru: Is a plan of peace, knowledge, and love of wisdom. How really bad could be for you being green, hairless and have patterned skin compared to that? Surrender to your inner frog!...

Friday, 23 October 2009

Da' way of Da' Fro'

When you get an aquarium with tadpoles you must put a rock in the middle of it, that's to help evolution; it's an obstacle for tadpoles to have the incentive to climb up and lose their tails, so their legs can begin to develop. They can't learn to hop without a problem to solve. A tadpole will always remain a tadpole unless it finds obstacles to force its grow, and eventually make the transformation into a more mature creature. Now, you're a human in process of froggification, my useful reader, so give thanks to life about those hard obstacles and barriers in front of you, because one day, with the help of the Frog Alliance, you'll become a full grown, beautiful, mature and perfect being: a frog. The obstacles you face in this life are gifts for your perfection. See your problems in life with a calm face, somehow like a frog, and understand that your difficulties have a purpose for you: your struggle improves your amphibious beauty.
Have this image as a reminder of how a frog like you climbs over its problems; you're going that way, my future amphibious worshipper.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy birthday, Anita López!

Anita López, High Commander of Froggification, is celebrating one more turn of the planet since she was born. This means that the planet is following her, good choice! All hail Commander López!

Happy birthday! The frog loves you, fractalized beauty. All the frog can see clearly is your face, the rest is chaos.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A frogstar is born!

Oh, glory day! Today, in the first minutes of October the 21st, A frogstar and spiritual leader is born. Looks like an electrical device, and in a way, it is. Transmits its electrical message just as electricity, and it shocks your socks off with a word! Obey the almighty Frogtal! With the knowledge of the Universe and the precision of mathematics, your world will turn around Frogtal, now and ever and unto ages of ages, Ribbit.
Long live the immortal electrical frog. ;-) Touch the screen!

Our leader, the immaculate green Frogtal, will spread its message of apparent derangeness but actual genius, until the last human is froggified, and once this happens, a new era of peace and sudden electrical shocks will be started.
Lick the screen!