Justification for massive froggification

It's difficult to explain to humans how the world is seen by the frog, but an image is worth a thousand words… and it's part of the long-term froggification conspiracy. Lets hop for the best!
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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Surprise! An update.

From Discovery News: "Just as humans tune into their favourite radio station, an unusual frog from China (The Concave-eared Torrent Frog) can shift its hearing from one frequency to another in order to selectively choose what it hears."
This is my actual state, so if I pay low attention to my own blogs, you know where it comes from.


  1. I checked off four reactions to this. You must guess which one I left out.

    Also, why can't I comment on your art over at Pattern Recognition? C'mon, I wanna mock on it! Ha, I'll comment here. --- Andorian antenna, that what the ends of those arm things look like that blob with tentacles.

    Oh, and the Frog looks like a BEM, a Bug-Eyed Monster from another world. Maybe that's it,

    Maybe frogs are aliens.

    It would certainly explain you.

    BU- hahahahahahahahahahaha.....

  2. That's suprising. :D

    An unusual frog with an unusual ability.

    It Can Choose what it want to hear.